Welcome to Zigtag!

Welcome to the Zigtag blog! I’ll try to post a new post every couple days, detailing new features, features we’ve had for a while, stuff that’s going on with the company, and general keep-you-up-to-date posts.

As a first post, I guess it’s good to get it out of the way – what is Zigtag?

Zigtag is a new semantic social bookmarking application (wow what a mouthful!). If you’re familiar with delicious, it’s similar to that but a whole lot more user friendly, and a lot more features, the most important part being semantic tags. Semantic tags mean that each tag has a meaning – e.g. there is only one New York City, but you can reference the idea of New York City in a lot of different ways (New York, NY, NYC, Big Apple, etc.) Similarly, if you want to tag a page about Apple, which Apple do you mean? Apple Inc, or the fruit? With Zigtag, we make it easy to handle these thorny problems.

Zigtag is also a sort of social network in that there are the standard social networking aspects to it – friends, groups, a news feed, sharing links, etc. However, unlike other tools, collaborating and organizing links become a whole lot easier if everybody is annotating their tags with ideas, instead of words. It doesn’t matter that Sally tags with NY, and Greg tags with NYC, they both mean the same New York.

We’ll follow this up with a few articles in the next few days – but for now, try it out! Sign up for our beta at http://www.zigtag.com and we’ll get you an account.