Group RSS, Friend Recommendations, and Internet Explorer Alpha

This past couple of weeks we’ve been hard at work implementing a few improvements and some major new features.

After many months of working hard (and jumping over many, many hurdles), we’ve finally got a plugin available for Internet Explorer.  It’s in Alpha stage, so it may have problems, but we’d be very grateful to have some feedback on it. You can get Zigtag for Internet Explorer Alpha here.

After receiving several requests from our users, we have also added the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed from any public or membership group.  This should enable much better collaboration between users of these groups. Unfortunately, RSS feeds on private groups are still not implemented due to RSS readers’ lack of support for authentication, but we will work on a solution for that sometime down the road.

Lastly, we’re happy to introduce a very cool new feature – friend recommendations.  Based on certain tags you’ve used, Zigtag is able to match you with other users based on interest.  Best of all, as your interests change over time, so will your friend recommendations – it’s sure to help you find and meet new people on the internet!  In the next little while, we will also be extending this to group recommendations, as well as bookmark recommendations!

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