Zigtag’s Social Features: Zigtag Groups

Zigtag groups are a great new approach to collaborative research and learning that allows any group of people to share resources and discuss the group through a forum.

Groups can be private (only members can see the content of the group), membership (everybody can see but only members can contribute), and public (everybody can see and contribute). Create a group for your team at work, for your class or club, or find others who share specific interests!

Posting to a group is easy and there are a few ways to do it:

  • In the sidebar, choose “Tools” > Post to Group, and all the groups you are a member of will show up.
  • Also in the sidebar, click on “Share page”, and choose the “Post To Group” tab.  This way allows you to post the currently displayed page to many groups at once.
  • In the “Explore tags” page, you can right-click a result to post to a group.
  • For advanced users only: You can also type “@<Group name>” in the sidebar “Enter tags” box; choosing a group from the drop-down will not add a tag, but will post to the group instead.

Groups also have discussion boards, which make it easy to communicate with other group members or users with similar interests (read the post on them here).

Searching groups is also easy – on the website, you can choose a group that you’re a member of, and then filter posts by their tags.  Zigtag groups make organizing your groups’ bookmarks a flash!