What is Zigtag?

Zigtag is an intelligent social bookmarking tool. It allows you to save your favorite websites by tagging them with keywords, which you can then use to retrieve the pages again at a later date. This makes it easy to categorize and organize any number of bookmarks, and is more manageable than your browser’s built-in favorites tool.

The social aspect of Zigtag is that you can search not only your own bookmarks but also those of your friends or the entire Zigtag community, and you can share your own favorites with others if you choose. You can also create and join groups which are dedicated to sharing content about various subjects, allowing you to constantly discover new pages that are interesting and relevant to you.

The intelligence aspect is that our tags have defined meanings, so when you tag a page, you are assigning it a definition rather than a simple word that could have multiple meanings. Having defined tags is what sets Zigtag apart from other social bookmarking web sites. [Read More]


3 Responses

  1. Thank god for this app. I can’t wait to try it out. I am horrible at tagging (couldn’t even tag my post about not being good at tagging well). Just take a look: http://webpoet.wordpress.com/2008/05/06/in-need-of-tagging-assistant/

  2. It seems very easy, but after some hours I have still not been able to post any bookmarks in this system.

    I created a group, but what to do next, and how to post my bookmarks there when the uploading of bookmarks does not respond?

  3. Magnar – to post a bookmark to a group, there are several ways to do it:
    – The “Tools” menu on the sidebar. Choose “Post To Group” and it will list all the groups you are a member of.
    – In “Explore Tags”, you can right-click a result to post to a group.
    – For the more “geeky”, you can type “@” in the sidebar add tags area to quickly post to a group.

    In terms of “uploading bookmarks”, do you mean importing bookmarks? Is there a problem with that?

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