Zigtag launches!

Today is an exciting day for everyone at Zigtag.  We are happy to announce that Zigtag has now launched into open public beta.  After nine months of private beta, and over two years of development, we are very pleased to open up Zigtag to the general public. To get started, just sign up for an account and download the Zigtag plugin, available for either Firefox or Internet Explorer 7. We would like to extend a special thanks to our many beta testers who have given us great feedback over the past few months and helped us deliver what we consider the premier tagging service on the web. We’re already hard at work on new features and developments to ensure that your Zigtag experience will continue to improve.

In this release, we’ve made some changes that help to improve Zigtag’s usability. The website has a new look and feel that we think offers a marked visual improvement over our previous iteration. We have also added a semantic search feature to the website, which intelligently guesses the meaning of your search terms and finds relevant results for you, taken from your bookmarks and those of other Zigtag users. This search functionality will continue to improve, with some exciting features in the works. To try it out, just type in the search box at the top of the Zigtag website.

We’ve also introduced group recommendations, so you will be able to easily find and join groups that are relevant and interesting to you. These can be accessed from the Zigtag groups page.

Thanks again to all those who have been following us through the private beta phase; and to those who were unable to try the private beta, now is your chance to explore Zigtag. We hope you’ll agree that Zigtag offers a unique and powerful solution to your personal and social bookmarking needs and we look forward to seeing all of you around on the site.

Lastly, thanks go out to the Zigtag team for their hard work in making this possible!

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  1. Little late on this, but congrats!

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