Introducing Group Discussion Forums

Viewing the group homepageAs part of our firm commitment to the social networking benefits of online bookmarking, we have introduced discussion forums to Zigtag groups.

Groups make it easy to network and share with other users who have similar interests. They are useful as a collaborative tool (e.g. for sharing sites with coworkers related to a particular project) or as a way to meet new people.

With the new forum features, we have improved upon the bookmark sharing aspect of groups by making it possible to discuss topics with other group members. As an example, imagine that you are taking a vacation with friends to a different country. You can create a group dedicated to this trip, and add related pages as you find them (hotel sites, city information, tourist hot spots, and so on). You can then start discussions with your friends about the different things you would like to do, where to stay, etc. Zigtag groups are your one stop shop for any sort of event planning.

More on how to share bookmarks to groups and other group features coming soon on the blog!

Replying to a group forum message


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