RSS Feeds

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for a pretty basic feature – RSS feeds.  Well, the good news is that Zigtag is already fully RSS-compliant!

To get the RSS feed of a single user, the link is:<username>

Note that if you subscribe to your own feed, this will only show public bookmarks (see a later post on Zigtag’s extensive privacy settings).  A later feature may be to offer a secure, authenticated RSS feed which will also show anonymous and private bookmarks.  Is this something you as a user would like?

Here are some other useful RSS feeds: shows the bookmarks tagged with just a specific defined tag, here the tag defined as “Apple Inc.” would show you all the things tagged with “Apple Inc.” by “scott”. will show you a feed of everything that has been added to Zigtag recently, sorted by popularity.  It is the same list that is on

The only RSS feed that is currently referenced on the website is a specific user’s feed on their profile page, but in the next release we will expose the rest on the website, when exploring a certain tag intersection.


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